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Here you can find a list of brochures published by EFS.


Hybrid Entities and the EU Direct Tax Directives  (11)

Ton Stevens, Gijs Fibbe

Taxation of cross-border dividends paid to individuals from an EU perspective Positive and Negative Intergration (10)

Erwin Nijkeuter

EC Free Movement of Capital, Corporate Income Taxation and Third Countries: Four Selected Issues (9)

Daniël S. Smit, Ben J. Kiekebeld

Harmful Tax Competition in the European Union – Code of Conduct, Countermeasures and EU Law (8)

Ben J. Kiekebeld

Pension Systems in the European Union: Competition an Tax Aspects (7)

Leo Stevens, Humbert Drabbe, Gerry Dietvorst, Peter Kavelaars

Selected Issues in European Tax Law: The Legal Character of VAT and the Application of General Principles of Justice (6)

Dirk Albregtse, Han Kogels (Eds)

Taxpayer Protection in the European Union (5)

Dirk Albregtse, Henk van Arendonk (Eds)

Towards a Dual Income Tax? – Scandinavian and Austrian Experiences (4)

Leif Muten, Peter B. Sørensen, Kåre P. Hagen, Bernd Genser

Neutrality and Subsidiarity in Taxation (3)

Stephen Smith, René Barents

Taxation of Cross-Border Income, Harmonization, and Tax Neutrality under European Community Law – An Institutional Approach (2)

Klaus Vogel, Johan Brands, Kees van Raad

Harmonization of Company Taxation in the European Community – Some comments on the Ruding Committee Report (1)

Lans Bovenberg, Sijbren Cnossen, FJGW Vanistendael, JWB Westerburgen


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